The Monkey King

A great tribe of monkeys once lived deep in
the high Himalaya mountains. Every night they used
to go to a great mango tree that grew beside a river
and eat its juicy fruit.
One night, however,they saw something that
made them stop eating at once and gaze in terror
Below,on the ground ,were dozen of soldier, and
arrows up into the branches of the great mango tree!
“Help!” the monkey cried.
“They’l1 kill us all!
“They won’t if we keep calm,” replied then- king
who was a wise and cool-headed monkey. There is
a way to escape, wait here…

Going to the top of tree, the monkey made a
great leap right a cross to the other side of the river
There he found a long creeper. Gripping one end of
this between his teeth, he then leapt back into the
mango tree.

Now the king planned to use this creeper to
make a bridge; but unfortunately it was just a little
too short. After thinking for a movement however, he
saw that he could use his own body to fill the final
gap. When all was ready, he called the other monkey.
“Now step on to my back and climb across the creeper
to safety,’ he told them.

The monkeys did as he said and the all go away all expect one.
His name was dev he had hate the monkey king a long time.
Now he saw his chance to hurt him. running devadatta jumped with all his weight up the monkey king’s back. Snap! The monkey kings back broke but he still did not let go of the cre not until evil devadatta had also made his escape The king of benares was watching all this from below, he ordered his soldiers to lay down their weapons and bring the poor monkey king down gently from the top the tree. “Although you are only a you taught me today how a real king should be have, the king benares told the monkey king. You put the safety of your subjects before your own welfare. That was truly noble. From now on I shall try to live up to your example.” The monkey king smiled. Then his eyes closed. He was dead.

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