2020 ThinGyan Songs


The song is organized by the Myanmar Thingyan Thingyan Festival to be held in April 2020.
Wherever you listen, you will be able to make your photos more memorable and more poignant.
Also for EDM / DJs
It’s also a great collection
The music will be played until the Thingyan festival ends
I would also add it every day …
Mp3 files are only available for download, download and download directly.
The file size is very small
You can use it .ThinGyan Songs

  • ThinGyan Moe
  • EainMatSayTaMan
  • ShweWarMyae
  • HninthitMingalar
  • PadauntLattSaung
  • NwayOoKabyar
  • MattMiSayChinTal




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