Shwe English Lessons

The description of Shwe English Lessons
1. Definition and definitions of eight Sanskrit words
2. Verb to be – Existing sentence structure
3. July 12, structure on Verb to do
4. Learn vocabulary vocabulary by sector
5. With Basic Speaking Basic audio files
6. Speaking Patterns – The easiest and most effective speaking pattern
7. With Speaking Patterns audio file
8. Song lyrics Learning from song lyrics
9. How to Career
10. Reading and Listening Stories
11. You can read Myanmar without having to add fonts
12. With phonetics phonetic files
13. Clause Five
14. Passive Voice Clarifications
15. Model Verb
16. Business English
17. Internet Level 1, 2
18. Quiz exercise
It also has 10 rooms, and updates will come up with a lot of patterns when it comes to updates.

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