A great tribe of monkeys once lived deep inthe high Himalaya mountains. Every night they usedto go to a great mango tree that grew beside a

on opposite banks of river dividing the kingdom of Benares lay two villages. Their unter c fast friends throughout the years, betrothed their infant children to

A small house was being built for socrates. A passer by made remark; ancy a man like you building such a poky house!” ‘I only hope,”

An astrologer, having entered his own house, saw a stranger, and getting angry,began to insult him. Whereon both fell upon each other and fought. A pious

In the dead of night, a gang of thieves crept into the King of Benare’s elephant-house to plot their next job. Their leader had already carried

LITTLE Miss Frog was clever and industrious neighbor Big Miss Frog was stupid and lazy. Little Miss Frog, and so Big Miss Frog, was so jealous

 THE Crow once caught the Wren, and said to her, “I will eat you now. ‘ The Wren wailed to herself “oh, my little daughter, my