(5) things that will benefit your business from Mo’s financial service

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Managing financial operations in a business is time-consuming; You can be tired. What if the digital financial services of Modus Operandi Company Limited, abbreviated as ‘Mo’, could cut the time spent on these issues in half?

1. easy You can pay at work and without the need for papers. It is more convenient for employees to pay their salaries

‘Mo’ has provided a digital platform that makes it smooth and fast in issuing employee salaries for companies in various fields. By simply using Mo’s system, which pays for all employees, you can easily prepare the relevant information for issuing the employees’ wages, saving time and money. You will see that money is saved.

Steps – Connect to MO Business platform -> Add money to MO business account -> Upload employee information to the platform -> Cashless payment for multiple employees at once
Companies can transfer salary to employees’ MoMoney Mobile Wallet or phone number, and employees can pay in Yangon, You can easily withdraw your salary from over 5,000 MoMoney agents in Mandalay and Mon State. Banks to pay There is no need to stand in line at cash exchange locations anymore.

2. Since the salary can be ‘paid in advance’, the employees can be more relaxed financially

Mo’s state-of-the-art payroll system includes Earned Wages Access (EWA). Therefore, you can make it possible for your company’s employees to be paid in advance from the salary before the pay day. If your employees’ expenses are cut due to the EWA service called ‘advance release’, If you need money in an emergency, you can have a salary advance, so you can be more relaxed about your finances.

Steps – The employee submits an EWA application before the due date (for example, on the 15th of every month) -> Request permission to pre-withdraw EWA salary from the MoMoney account with the ‘pre-withdrawal’ function – > The pre-withdrawal money is immediately deposited into the employee’s MoMoney account.
3. Join Mo’s ecosystem of financial services for everyday financial activities

In addition to payroll and advance payment services, Mo provides a full range of financial services to help your business grow. At the same time, employees can easily carry out daily financial activities with MoMoney Mobile Wallet.

MO Business
– Disbursement of loans

– Salary

– Billing

MoMoney can be used in more than 65 services
– Bank transfer – 5 major local banks

– Money transfer – between MoMoney accounts

– deposit – agent; bank account All cards

– Bill payment – Usage fee; loan the Internet

– purchase – game; Entertainment data package; Fill up the phone bill

4. You can conduct financial affairs with confidence on the safe and secure platform of ‘Mo’

More financial and payment fraud; Strongest levels of privacy and data security to prevent further complications. Mo’s digital currency platform runs on AWS Cloud, a reliable technology platform.

5. Connect with the ‘Mo’ team as a partner and get help

The way we work with our partners makes the day-to-day financial operations of businesses easier. ‘Mo’ believes that it can help to complete it smoothly. To connect the individual customers of ‘Mo’ with the platform. There will be a dedicated account manager to provide day-to-day support. Mo’s customer care team is ready to contact you at any time to help you in case of emergency.

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