Camping vs Glamping

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Camping and Glamping have different tastes. In fact, adventure travelers don’t like glamping. It doesn’t feel too isolated, and there’s no adventurous movement. A little different from the normal way of life cannot appeal to them. That’s why for those who like camping, no matter how you wear it, camping is a pure emerald cloth wrapped in gold. On the other hand, those who hold the saying that travel is for relaxation, if you think about luxury, Glamping can fill your mood with comfort. Everyone has their own preferences, so which one is better? There is no right or wrong to decide. Major Tiger Gun I like what I do. But what I would like to recommend to young people is to travel a lot. The trip should be more knowledge than fun in young life. It’s better to have a trip that will improve your mind.

Cooking is different.

In camping, find your own firewood, You have to prepare your own bonfire and coffee and hot water with a cup yourself. The true taste of nature’s happiness.
Glamping can be equipped with anything from an electric kettle that can be plugged in for hot water to a medium-sized gas stove. Gives the feeling of cooking at home.

How to feel the weather is different.
In camping, there are few ways to prevent the temperature. If it’s hot, take off your clothes. opening the tent Out of the tent. If it’s cold, the whole tent is closed, wearing warm clothes covered in blankets I’m waiting for the fire.
In glamping, such as air conditioning, It’s just comfortable because it has a heat release machine. It’s not natural.

How people meet is different.

At camp sites, you can meet people you didn’t know before. He may have more intimacy.
In glamping, it may not be very intimate like a hotel, but you can meet people who want to be quiet like you. I have to call him first. A tent can be far from another tent. The tent is big.

Food style may be different.
In camping, they like to catch fish, pick vegetables, grill and cook with enough water. They still cook and eat rice themselves. Here, the little rice boxes are still ready. That’s all. Not too grand. As for the water, it is the same way they drink water from the river waterfall. They had to drink beforehand.
In Glamping, it is possible to cook and eat at home, refrigerator, oven Ready-to-eat meals and meat Fish can start. You can still drink bottled water. Even if it’s not bottled water, just drink from the faucet that has a clean filter installed.


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