In 2024, a foldable iPad will be released before the iPhone

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Foldable products are no longer strange in the market, but Apple may start introducing foldable devices by 2024 at the earliest.

According to a report by CCS Insight, a market research firm, Apple is likely to introduce an iPad with a foldable screen in 2024. American technology company Apple is preparing to announce foldable technology soon. Cupertino-based Apple company Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Instead of foldable smartphones like the Galaxy Z Flip 4, foldable iPads will be introduced first, according to CCS Insight.
“It doesn’t make sense for Apple to make a foldable iPhone right now. They can buck the trend and break into the market with a foldable iPad.” said Ben Wood, Chief Research Officer of CCS Insight.


Wood also said that the reason for not releasing a foldable iPhone was because it would be incredibly expensive and it would be too risky. According to reports, a foldable iPhone can be sold at a price of almost 2,500 dollars (over 75,000 Burmese currency). The iPhone 14 Pro Max, which currently has the highest storage and is the most expensive, is being sold at a price of almost 1,599 dollars (more than 48,000 Myanmar kyats).

Wood said that if Apple has technical problems with the foldable iPhone, there may be problems that will attack and criticize Apple. “Apple has no choice but to respond. Foldables are gaining momentum these days,” Woods said. That’s why he predicts that the company will enter the foldable world starting with the iPad.

As usual, Apple talks about the company’s products in advance. I do not comment. According to rumors, starting in 2025, Apple will introduce foldable products as well as foldable display products with a size of around 20 inches. In the next two to three years, we will have to wait and see if Apple will start producing products that use foldable screens.

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