Jack Dawsey, who started his own social media company after Elon Musk bought Twitter

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After the final sale of Twitter to the world’s richest man, the company’s founder and former CEO, Jack Dawsey, is heading for a new social networking platform.

Jack Dawsey, one of the key people who founded Twitter, has launched a new social networking platform called Bluesky. The Twitter founder has also distributed the Beta version of Bluesky social media to users. The microblogging platform was launched in 2006 by Noah Glass. Bizz Stone Jack Dawsey, who co-founded Twitter with Evans Williams, has launched a new form of social networking platform.

In two days, Bluesky’s beta version had 30,000 subscribers. Currently, the Bluesky social network is in private beta, so many people will not get to experience the platform yet. According to a global report by Futurism, Bluesky has been under construction since 2019. Twitter itself has invested in the development of Bluesky.

Social network development began at Twitter headquarters, and a few years later, Bluesky was opened to beta testing. It is also said that the new social media platform without central control may be released as a public beta soon. Interestingly, a new AT Protocol has also been released that allows users to control their algorithm.

Just after the $44 billion deal between Twitter and Tesla tycoon Elon Musk, Jack Dawsey opened the Bluesky Beta version. Daw Si resigned from Twitter in 2021 and appointed Paret Agrawal as CEO.

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