More than 4,000 Twitter contract workers were fired without notice

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After around 3,700 people were laid off, Elon Musk’s layoff plan targeted Twitter contract workers.

In a Tweet from Platformer columnist Catsey Newton, she said company sources told her that Twitter had laid off about 4,400 of its 5,500 contract employees on Saturday. According to Platformer and CNBC News, most of the contract workers who were laid off did not receive advance notice of their layoffs.

Many said they experienced being fired instead of being fired via company email and internal communication systems like Slack. “One of my contractors was deactivated without notice while we were making important changes to our child safety workload,” one manager posted on the company’s Slack.

Some employees are worried about not getting their wages for the past two weeks. After Elon Musk bought Twitter, half of its workforce was laid off, and 15% of the company’s entire trust and safety team lost their jobs. On Saturday night, Twitter’s content moderation in the US and around the world. real estate market research Thousands of employees working in engineering and other departments lost their jobs.

“The layoffs are expected to have a significant impact on content monitoring and the core infrastructure services people working to keep the Site up and running.” Newton posted on Twitter, and Axios confirmed that Twitter has laid off several contractors, including staff on the content moderation side.

After buying Twitter for $44 billion, billionaire Elon Musk has fired top executives as well as long-serving executives. There is also an increase in additional quits/fired employees as Mars is resuming its employee return policy.


During a question-and-answer session between company employees and Elon Musk last week, Musk said that most of the employees, except for a few people, should return to the office. “Basically, you can go to the office, and if you don’t come to the office, you accept the resignation letter,” Mars said. The media asked Twitter to investigate, but the company did not respond. Twitter no longer has a Contact Center.

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