Motorola introduced a stretchable concept phone

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Foldable and Rollable Phones Foldable smartphones with foldable glass have been on the market for at least 3 years. However, rollable phones that can extend to the side are not seen as commercial products, but are being introduced as prototype design concept products. Chinese technology companies such as OPPO and TCL have released rollable concept phones, and LG, which left the smartphone world last year, also tried to produce a rollable smartphone.
A famous laptop company like Lenovo also introduced a laptop with a rollout display that can be stretched to the side. Lenovo’s mobile phone manufacturing brand, Motorola, has also produced a smartphone that can stretch the display horizontally. When the phone is rolled-in and the screen is placed inside, it becomes 4 inches high and pocket-sized, and with one click, the OLED panel will go to the normal size of 6.5 inches.

If you click again, the phone will return to its original state. It can be used on both sites, the Home Screen on the site-specific screen. Content such as video will be adjusted accordingly. Lenovo has also introduced a rollable laptop that can be stretched from a standard landscape display to a square shape. Due to the square shape screen, reading documents files. Watching TikTok-style prison videos is more convenient.

Brian Leonard, Lenovo’s vice president of design, said that this is part of the company’s research that started with the ThinkPad 360P Laptop/Tablet and turned into a novel-style design. “Content can be dynamically adjusted directly on the screen, so the screen can be expanded to make it bigger. It can provide a unique way for people who work very hard to do things like browsing and searching on the Internet,” said Brian Leonard.

Motorola has produced a foldable product under the name of Razr and announced it in the Chinese market. Rollable products can be more technically complex.

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