The Best Restaurants with Amazing Views of Sydney

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Sydney Harbour, known for its spectacular attractions including the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, is also a wonderful dining destination that is loved by both the tourists and the locals alike. While there are countless niche restaurants in the area, such as Bennelong, Aria Restaurant, Quay and more, one of our best recommendations is a lunch cruise in Sydney. These luxury cruises offer everything from a delectable freshly prepared lunch menu to stunning views of the harbour attractions and more. A harbour cruise lunch is also a unique way to enjoy all the harbour views from a different perspective. Whether it’s a get together or a party experience, a lunch cruise is a great choice to really impress your folks who are in town and show them the best of Sydney.


Another exciting dining experience in the city is a Sydney Tower SkyFeast. This rotating open kitchen is some 250 metres above the ground and situated at the 82nd floor of the tower. You can enjoy 360-degree rotating views of the city while enjoying scrumptious delicacies from different parts of the world. Here, you will get served delicious portions of seafood, salads and mains capped off with some amazing desserts. For a similar yet unique dining experience, you can visit Infinity, another romantic resto bar that serves a range of contemporary Australian cuisine with stunning revolving views of the spectacular Sydney skyline. Since this restaurant follows a charming farm-to-table philosophy, every ingredient used in the kitchen is guaranteed to be fresh. Hop in at the Sydney Tower restaurants at night to treat yourself to the best nighttime views of the city.


Another elevating dining experience on our list is Botanic House, a beautiful restaurant that is nestled amongst the luscious foliage of the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney.
There’s no better place in the city to dine with lush green surroundings and unique glimpses of the harbour. This restaurant serves an innovative menu that is curated by the world-renowned chef Luke Ngyuen. He uses native Aussie ingredients to prepare his dishes with a modern twist of Asia. If you wish to explore the flavours of Asia, Botanic House is where you can come to fall in love with the cuisine. You can also walk around the gardens at the House to admire the beauty of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.


Care for some Italian good food vibes? Head over to Terrace on the Domain for an excellent dining experience with a view in Sydney. Nestled within a leafy park oasis at Sydney CBD, this lovely landscape at Terrace offers a treat for both your eyes and your stomach. This place is especially famous for its Italian Brunch; meet up with your squad while catching up over a 4-course feast consisting of zucchini fritters, rocket pesto, smoked salmon, linguine, sourdough and chocolate parfait and more. The Terrace also has some of the best instagrammable locations in Sydney plus mouth-watering food which you can’t get enough of.


If you’re not in a mood to walk into a restaurant, you may choose a luxury picnic at any of the scenic locations in the city such as Mrs Macquarie’s Point, Lavender Bar, Royal Botanic Gardens and so on. You can choose picnic packages to leave behind the hassle of packing for a picnic and all you gotta do is sit back and relax!


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