They will cook it like this to have a taste without the smell of fish

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The smell of fish is the smell of cuttlefish, squid, cultivated fish and new water fish. The smell of crabs and shrimps is unique, so the techniques for relieving and cooking are additionally unique.

Burmese individuals fear fish, so on the day when fish is cooked, the smell of fish vanishes and they are cooked so they need to eat it. That is the reason we have been shown by our older folks since we were youthful, how to wash and cook fish to make it fragrant, so we can impart to housewives like you. Provided that the fish is washed completely will the smell vanish and it will be great to eat. (Credit: Shutterstock) The most widely recognized ways of washing fish are:

(1) Wash all the fish and season with salt and pepper. On the off chance that you will store it, you need to store it in a can and in the cooler. Salt and turmeric can make bodily fluid.

(2) Soak the ready tamarind inside the most scent killing go for thirty minutes and rub it with the fish. From that point onward, ply it again with the cooked flour. At last, the water should be sifted and salted.

(3) lemons; python juice After absorbing vinegar for 5 minutes, it will vanish following washing.

(4) Another way is to simply lower the fish in water and add a spoonful of vinegar. Simply pour some heated water and shake it. On the off chance that the shoots emerge on the fish skin, wash it again with water. Fish, for example, catfish and mullet will lose their smell.

(5) Any fish or any smooth fish. In the event that you rub the green fish glue, called fish glue, with a strainer and focus on the fish the sifter, it will be perfect and not smooth any longer.

(6) After washing the fish with lemon salt and bodily fluid, marinate it for quite a while in ginger sauce and turmeric. You will get a lovely smell.

(7) Another strategy is a technique that has been valuable since the time of charcoal ovens. Wash the fish with debris, After cleaning with cooked bean flour, wash with rice water 2 additional times. Subsequent to washing the fish along these lines, other squid, cuttlefish, I will let you know how to fix octopuses.

(1) Remove the top of the squid first, and afterward eliminate the old food packaging called the ink pack from it. Then, at that point, strip off the skin and wash completely. Add crushed lemon and marinate for some time. From that point forward, wash it once more and cook, broil, and barbecue it.

(2) Another technique is to completely wash the squid and cuttlefish with water, then add ginger (ginger) to the fluid. Then, at that point, put the ginger into the bubbling water. Simply add a little vinegar and bubble it for some time, and the smell is no more.

These are the techniques for washing. cooking meat and fish The most Asians use tamarind juice to eliminate the smell from servings of mixed greens. Shan coriander celery, masala Phun Tao Thein, inlet leaves and basil Parsley can be utilized either when cooked or added to a serving of mixed greens. In the event that you cook the meat and fish in a pot, in the wake of covering the top with flavors, add green chilies and it will most likely become fragrant. After re-cooking in oil, sprinkle with parsley and appreciate delightful fish. That is all, I think you know sufficient about the fish recipes, how to wash the meat, fish, and fish so they don’t become tacky, and how to cook them to make them sweet. Thus, let me know how you and your sister cook it, and how you cook it.

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