Useful tips for cultivating the habit of saving money

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We all know that in today’s world, it is difficult for even a woman with a regular income to save money regularly. Perpetual costs, cosmetics clothing costs, Not only for some welfare issues, but also for hobbies such as traveling, there may be expenses for those hobbies. Even so, going out to eat with friends once a week, No night out yet. So the money you have, I would like to tell you how you can cultivate small savings habits for those who want to save money regularly and don’t.

(1) Calculate how much your monthly expenses are.

Calculate how much you spend in a month compared to your income. When you’re done, set aside the mandatory monthly spending amount and calculate what else you spend on extra.

(2) Reduce the frequency of eating out and only eat home-cooked meals and curry.

If you are sitting at the office every evening four days a week, try reducing that frequency. After fixing the habit of eating out, friends, Mate, If you go out with your partner only once a week, it will save you a lot of money, so you can save it.

(3) It is necessary to find out what is wasted money.

Depending on the preferences and habits of each person, there are things that they don’t need to spend money on. Gambling Buying without needing clothes, You’ll have to painstakingly figure out where else you’re losing money, such as impulse buys on cosmetics, and try to fix those things.

(4) Invest money.

When there is more money, Somewhere where the money will be returned to profit when the salary comes in. Investing in any business is also a good practice.

(5) Check the monthly bills.

Regular monthly electricity bill If there are water tax and other bills, calculate how much they cost each month and which month is the most. Which month is less, If you figure out why it’s less and save as much as you can, you’ll spend less on this side as well.

(6) Reduce spending on gifts.

what event right matches I have to go to parties all the time. The cost of gifts is kind of a headache when you add it all up, so figure out what I can do to reduce that side as much as possible.

(7) Put as much as you need in your wallet.

You should put only the amount of money you normally need so that you don’t spend it where you don’t need it. When I add more, I buy a line when I see a discount somewhere. I bought things that I didn’t need because of the sales. Sitting with friends often happens.

(8) Have a mind for what and how to save.

Since I started saving money, it would be nice if I could keep in mind that I don’t have to save this amount of money every month. Whether saving to buy something, Whether you are planning to attend a school, Whether it’s saving for your own children, it’s better if you have a reason and motivation to save.

These (8) points will be very beneficial for those who will start to cultivate the habit of saving money.

Logistics Coordinator May Min Auzli, who supports that the habit of saving money is something that every young person should inculcate. The salary from the office is added to the savings book that is not attached to the ATM card. That’s how it’s gathered. When you save money, you don’t have to worry about your future. If there is an urgent need, there is no need to worry. Money is in your hands, Good luck.” He told me. In addition, she advises other young people who are just starting to save money, “Try to save money and start spending only on what you need. A quarter of your salary should be saved. So you will be calm for the future,” he advised.

Therefore, if young people are going to start saving money, start using the method that is convenient for them, even if the amount they will save is small. Cultivate the small habit that you have just started. If you get into this habit of saving money, don’t believe that some of your future worries will be solved.

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