What are the things that make your life toxic?

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They do many things that poison their lives just from their daily struggles in their lives. Act and think. These things may seem trivial, but they are actually things that can destroy life. Everyone does these things. behave. Especially the things that girls do more. Because of these toxic substances, Madi is depressed, Failure happens often. What are the unknown but toxic substances that can destroy life?


Usually, girls are born with suspicion. From courtship to business affairs, they tend to be suspicious of women. Even girls with over confidence tend to doubt everything. Disbelief is not very dangerous, but doubt is a dangerous sign. Doubt can kill a man. It makes you unhappy, and even when you achieve success, you doubt yourself, so you don’t feel like you’re 100% successful. Therefore, it is necessary to hide suspicious behavior as much as possible.

Fear of failure

Many girls are afraid of failure. Boys have a tendency to bite like tigers, but most girls can’t feel the effects of failure. Being afraid of failure before doing anything is just running out of arrows before the war. In any business, failure and success are inevitable. Sometimes failures are the things that help you achieve more successes. So get out of the life where you are afraid of failure and can’t move forward.

Being around bad people

Many girls have bad habits. How bad this behavior is, is the fact that they know that they are bad for themselves and talk to them with pain. People who are bad for you and want to push you down a bad path are the reasons for ruining your life. That’s why you can’t be bad, Knowing that there are people who want bad things, don’t get involved in any kind of relationship with only the heart.

“I always try not to spend time on bad things in my life. Stay away from things that will poison my life. Do upaksha. The main thing is to calm your mind first, do more meditation, and do something that you like. Rati also does upaksha to those who say something bad about me.”

Get rid of bad thoughts

that will make your life uncomfortable, Remove from your head any thoughts that will become a thorn in your way of life. For example – if I am a girl, will it happen? Am I doing the right thing? What people say to me are bad thoughts for me. I need to avoid thinking bad thoughts about myself as much as possible. The reason I’m talking about this is because many girls have a habit of thinking bad thoughts about themselves. The thoughts that make you hesitate and doubt your own existence are the things that poison your life.

“One of the things that poison your life is your own negative thoughts. You should try not to think about such thoughts as much as possible and deal with them as best as possible. Also, friends who are friends are also things that poison your life. There are people who pretend to be good in front of you and force you behind the scenes to get ahead of you. There are also those who are jealous if you are ahead of yourself. I would advise that you should not let such people in your head and stay away from them.”


If you really want to have a successful life, you need to cut yourself some slack. I’m afraid I’ll be tired from work. Fear of workplace stress If you beat yourself up for this reason, you are far from successful. Self-pity is destroying yourself from success. Things like this that will poison your life are more things you do yourself than they come from others, so you need to keep your mind especially sharp.

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