What is the difference between camping and glamping?

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It is very good that Burmese young people are interested in traveling. It’s better that they become interested in camping. But your traditional travel is still left in your brain, so sometimes you can’t differentiate between camping and glamping. I tend to take pictures in temporary tents and often forget that I have to move and take risks to live like that. For those who want adventure and nature-friendly travel, camping is a good choice. I will take a picture, If you don’t do much activity and want to relax, you can generally say that Glamping is good for you. I would like to share what I have read and remembered about how they are different.

Camper or Glamper?

Before you travel, think carefully about your preferred lifestyle. Going camping is usually safer and more enjoyable in a group than as an individual, so when going with a group, you have to think about how you want to live. If you don’t want to go hiking, you should do Glamper instead of Camper. So, you can live in a temporary tent and imagine taking photos with casual accessories. Nowadays, people want to be surrounded by natural forests for a while to hide the things that are not covered in between the fights. Do you want to pitch your own tent at the camp site? After you decide whether you want to enjoy the luxury of the Glamp Site with all the facilities already installed, you will be able to relax and enjoy your trip. If you make the wrong choice, you will be upset. So let’s see what the difference is

(1) The way to transport things is different
Those who go camping have to carry their own packs with backpacks and their tents, mat I have to carry all my own things such as bed.
In glamping, it is convenient to go with luggage.

(2) There will be a major difference in lifestyle
Camping is a kind of simple living where you prepare a small temporary tent yourself. From the smallest bed for one person to the most spacious bed for 4-5 people. They have to pitch tents and sleep on the flat ground.
In glamping, the big tent is not planted on the ground, but on a strong base like a wooden frame, and sometimes there is also a roof. Inside, it is quite spacious, with a double bed, a refrigerator, It can even have a TV.

(3) The style of using the water house will be different.
At the camp sites, we have to deal with the issue of water houses in a natural way depending on the situation. public bathroom; They often have to use the toilet. Some of them have small portable toilets that can be safely moved, and they often clean themselves naturally. Most of the campers don’t shower much. If the river is close to the sea, they bathe naturally like this. I don’t need a private bathroom.

In Glamping, the bathroom can be attached to the side, and it can also be smart like a botai. Even the bathroom can still have a shower and a nice smell of soap. Glamping provided by hotels can even have a bathtub to soak in.

(4) The way you sleep will be different.
In camping, a mattress is laid under the tent. A head that can be exposed to the weather by sleeping alone on top, They have to sleep with a sleeping bag and a bed with the same blanket.
In Glamping, as mentioned before, thick mattresses are often prepared to sleep two people. The floor inside the tent will always be clean.

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