Why do women need to be competent?

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In the current situation, there is a lot of need for women to be qualified. According to Myanmar, more than half of Myanmar’s population is women. A woman’s talent can affect not only herself but also the environment. Because anywhere Since there is a large population of women in any field, their skills, I have to say that the capabilities go to every field.


A blessing for every community

Women are detail-oriented and detail-oriented. Because of these people, if only the women in every community were really qualified, the community would not have to worry about anything, and would be in a safe position. Since these genes are present in every woman, I don’t need to feel weak that I am not a reliable person for this organization. I will live up to my own qualifications, If you try, you will definitely become an asset to your environment.

Aye Indreem Maung, who served as the Norwegian ambassador for a day and served as an advisor to Teens and Dreams, told Duwun about the benefits that a person can get if they are full of talent.

women laugh Not even a man. As a person, if he has his own talent, he doesn’t need to rely on anyone. Even when you find something difficult, you don’t have to look up to anyone. I can rely on myself. Because of your skills, more people will recognize you. You can get a place because of your skills. I can reach the target I want to do if I really have the skills.

There may be more good and smart girls

A talented woman becomes a role model for every woman. Because of the girls who try to imitate and follow, good and talented girls can emerge, and a talented woman can produce many talented girls like her. A talented woman is also someone who can guide young women in what skills they need.

It can create a safe zone for women

It is not men who can make women safe. It’s women. Only women are more interested in women’s issues. For women to get justice to have equal rights, sexual violence; psychologically There is no one else who will protect you from physical violence. Only talented women can do these things. Therefore, in order to have a safe environment for women, we need competent women.

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