Why should you offer Teeth Whitening at your Salon/Spa?

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While one may take great care of their teeth,Guest Posting a few indulgences such as tea, coffee, tomato juice, and wine can stain the teeth and cause unsightly discoloration. Thankfully, teeth whitening treatments help in enhancing the brightness of the teeth and ensure that people leave with a great smile!

The advantages of teeth whitening make it quite popular among all demographics. And, it is why; several salons and spas have started introducing it. If you own a wellness salon, day spa, tanning salon or med spa, teeth whitening can be a perfect addition to your business.

Start Teeth Whitening Treatments at your Salon/Spa

Often, salons and spas stick to beauty, aesthetics, and wellness services. They may test the waters by selling teeth whitening kits to their clients. But if you want to generate phenomenal revenue for your business, it makes sense to offer teeth whitening procedures at your premises and ensure value addition for your clients.

1. Chairside Teeth Whitening Treatments for the Win

Chairside treatment is effective, delivers whiter teeth, and ensures minimal sensitivity, as the client is under the supervision of an experienced professional. The treatment includes a portable chairside LED standup light for enhancing the results.

Many clients prefer getting teeth whitening treatments by professionals instead of doing it on their own with OTC at-home teeth whitening products. So, they can enjoy the expertise of professionals and access effective products easily. Superior results and the relaxing atmosphere of the salon/spa elevates a simple whitening process to a therapeutic one.

2. Choose only the Best Products and Professional Equipment

Now that you have decided to introduce teeth whitening at the spa, consider the kind of treatment you want to provide. Finalize a professional teeth whitening manufacturer with certifications. It will ensure you pick the best quality products.

Choosing a teeth whitening startup kit is an easy way to ensure you have all you need to get started: LED teeth whitening light, teeth whitening trays, whitening gels, pens or syringes, training guides, shade guides, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from different options available.

3. Stock up on Teeth Whitening Consumables

When in the teeth whitening business, you must consider your inventory thoroughly. Keeping your inventory up-to-date will make sure you have what you need for your client appointments.

LED teeth whitening lights are a one-time investment, but teeth whitening gel syringes, pens, trays, and cheek retractors are single-use products that one cannot be reused. Take a look at your timeline and needs, then contact your teeth whitening manufacturer to estimate a plan for reorder. What kind of MOQ (minimum order quantity) do they require? What is their shipping estimate?

Make sure you have an estimated number of treatments you will offer every day and calculate the potential number of teeth whitening consumables you will require to offer your services on a quarterly basis.

4. Add your Branding for a Custom Look

Introducing teeth whitening solutions at your wellness spa or beauty spa is a wise decision because of its low threshold entry and higher profitability. Many spas/salons use generic teeth whitening products to keep costs low. This is a great way to start while building a client base.

Did you know that adding your logo to your products makes your brand even more profitable? When your business is ready to take that next step, it is crucial to have branded products. Your clients will remember and refer to your business even more. The brand association you create will be the key to increasing revenue and success.

Clients will know what to expect when they see your brand. An established brand can increase your market value and make your business a superior choice in comparison to competitors. One essential branding strategy is customizing the product packaging. With private label teeth whitening products, you can add your logo, name, address information, etc., on the packaging to establish your brand. It will match other products in your spa and provide a seamless experience to clients. Thus, they will be able to attach higher perceived value to teeth whitening treatments at your establishment.

Are you ready to get Started?

People are already choosing to get their teeth whitened at local aestheticians, cosmetologists, tanning salons, and spas. Elevate your menu of offerings by adding teeth whitening to your business.

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